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Antenatal Services

Antenatal Breastfeeding

Antenatal breastfeeding session and discussion including plan.

Up to 2 hours


Breastfeeding Antenatal and Postnatal Support Package

Session 1 – Antenatal breastfeeding session up to 2 hours and discussion including plan. Worth £130.

Session 2 – Breastfeeding support session between birth – week old. 90 minutes to 2 hours. Including breastfeeding assessment, resources, and plan with a follow-up email. Worth £150

Session 3 – 1-6 weeks after birth, includes an hour-long discussion, breastfeeding assessment, and a revised feeding plan and follow-up resources if required. Worth £70


£330 face to face all 3 sessions (+ travel over 15 miles)

Antenatal Birth Preparation – The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme (Hypnobirthing)

Session 1 – Foundation and science behind the course so you and your partner can grow in confidence together. The first taster of using deep relaxation techniques and a tool to support you from other birth stories and things you may hear in the media.

Session 2 – Focusing and Learning Techniques that will enable you to learn how to stay calm and how your birth partner can support you. Helping you to learn how to master being in emotional control. Switching from fight and flight to rest and digest.

Session 3 – Practicalities around preparing your body both physically and emotionally for birth. With special time to bond with the baby. In this session, you also look at your birth preferences and options available to you.

Session 4 – Supporting your birth partner to learn how they can support you to make informed decisions on the day. This session brings together all you have learned and the final tools to support your upcoming birth. With more tips and relaxation techniques to support the birth of your baby.

Session 5 – Once your baby has arrived this session will support you with feeding your baby. Supporting you to become confident parents and answer any questions you may have on knowing your baby has had enough milk, feeding cues, how and when to feed your baby. The importance of connection, keeping baby close, and responding to both your babies and your bodies needs within the early days.


£497 face to face all 5 sessions (+ travel over 15 miles)

Payment Policy:

Payment can be made by Cash, Paypal (extra fee of 5% to pay this method), or through a BACS transfer.

Full Consultation fees are payable at the time of booking and additional time stayed if requested is due up to 24 hours after your consultation.

Package fees can either be paid in full within 48 hours of booking OR a 50% deposit on booking and the remaining 50% within 24 hours of your first consultation, according to your preferences.

Cancellation Policy:

Clinic Space consultations: £20 admin fee to cover venue

Ad-hoc consultations:

  • Up to 48 hours prior to consultation: NO charge will be incurred
  • Up 24-48 hours prior to consultation: 50% charge will be incurred
  • Within 24 hours prior to consultation: 80% charge will be incurred


  • If a consultation is re-booked for within a 2 week period of a cancelled appointment, no cancellation charges will apply if in your own home. There could be a £20 admin fee for Clinic Space Appointments.


  • Packages are fully refundable up to 48 hours prior to a booked first consultation. After the first consultation all agreed fees will be subject to payment.


If a cancellation is being made under special and unexpected circumstances, such as an admission to the hospital, please do let me know and we can come to an individual agreement.

Websites for further information


National Breastfeeding Helpline 0300 100 0212

National Childbirth Trust (8am-10pm) 0300 330 0771

La Leche League 0345 120 2918

Breastfeeding network 0300 100 0210

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers 0300 330 5453